China Unlimited Data Card for 1 Day

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1 Day Data Prepaid SIM Card Sim size: Nano/Micro/Standard All in one sim.


  • Applicable to 5G(first 500MB)then unlimited 4G LTE network in Mainland China+
  • Unlimited 5G/4G mobile data usage can be consumed in either Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Can Access Google,Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all blocked sites
  • Extend validity date by refill


  • Please don’t inserted the sim card before you arrive your destination country.

+Handsets supporting TDD-LTE 4G network are required, for example, iPhone 6 or above, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy A9, LG G5, etc.

Only mobile data service is supported, neither voice, SMS nor value-added services

Mobile data service is only accessible in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan but not in other areas

All mobile data usage consumed via designated operators (Mainland China : CMCC; Hong Kong : CMHK) during the service period When accumulated 5G data usage reaches 500 MB within this period, thereafter data service will be reduced to 4G LTE unlimited data!

Subject to the expiry date. The card must be activated on or before 12/31/2020(Beijing Time)


 APN  / Setting SIM will automatic setup APN but here is the instructions if it doesn't work:

How to manual set up APN?

(1) Go to [Settings]>[Mobile Data] 
(2) Open [Mobile Data Options] 
(3) Open [Mobile Data Network] and input APN (Please refer to the network operator list 
(4) Switch on [Data Roaming]

(1) Go to [Settings]>[Mobile Network]
(2) Go to [APNs] > [New APN] and input name & APN (Please refer to the network operator list
(3) Switch on [Data Roaming] > Click [Save]
(Display name and steps may be different depending on the phone model and OS system version)